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A Chinese medicine perspective on digestion

A Chinese medicine perspective on digestion
Have you ever heard of the term “digestive fire” in Chinese medicine? In TCM our stomachs are thought to be the ovens of our body. Iced drinks and cold water are typically discouraged because they are thought to interfere with normal functions, by weakening the stomach and spleen. 
When we’re pairing a meal (especially a warm meal) with something on the complete opposite spectrum, like ice water, it causes extra work for the stomach. Your body works to warm up to digest your food & transform the nutrients so we can absorb them.  From a TCM perspective, cold fluids slow digestion by depleting our digestive fire. 
Slowed digestion (causing your stomach to work in overdrive) can manifest in different ways such as, digestive issues, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, constipation and more.
This is part of the reason why herbs with hot/warming energetics, like ginger, work so well to relieve digestive issues.
If you’re someone that struggles with digestive issues try having your meals with a hot beverage or water that is room temperature - body temperature. See how you feel afterwards!
Now I know, I know, parts of the country are experiencing 100+ temps and you desperately want your beloved ice water. Instead, try reaching for foods that are cooler in nature. Watermelon, mint, oranges, cucumber, kiwis and apples are all great options!
Looking for an herbal formula to optimize digestion? Our inflacalm capsules are a great way to support your digestive fire. A powerful blend of anti inflammatory herbs formulated to encourage immune response and may combat inflammation. This carefully curated formula is rich in polyphenols and EGCG which may assist with brain and neurological health, cardiovascular health and protect cells from damage. Try taking one with every meal and watch the difference it makes! 


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